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About Adrian

I’m a psychotherapist, psychedelic integration coach and embodiment researcher. I’ve been curious about spirituality and altered states of consciousness for my entire life – maybe even longer! That’s how I ended up doing a PhD (The Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Knowing in Eco-Paganism) and built up a breadth of experience in ritual, mediation, ecotherapy and psychedelics. My eclectic spiritual practice is rooted in Paganism and informed by Zen Buddhism. My life is focused on spiritual work for the environment, and I have extensive practical experience in most of the embodied pathways.

Dr Adrian Harris - portrait.

Nature connection
I have been involved with ecotherapy for nearly twenty years and have trained with US and UK practitioners. I occasionally lead nature connection workshops. I researched psychotherapy in nature for my Counselling and Psychotherapy MSc and I’m the Lead Editor of the European Journal of Ecopsychology. I run nature connection workshops in Exeter.

I have regularly meditated since my early 30s and have attended numerous retreats. In 2016, I gave a keynote presentation on ‘Mindfulness in Nature’ at the Psychotherapy and the Natural World conference. My nature connection workshops include mindfulness practice.

I founded the Pagan Dragon Environmental Network in 1990 and was initiated into Wicca in 1991. I created and facilitated many rituals over the next ten years. My chapter Sacred Ecology (1996) has been widely read. It was republished in a new collection in 2009 and has been used in college courses. I have a PhD in Religious Studies and co-wrote a chapter on Ritual for Metaphysical, New Age, and Neopagan Movements (2006).

I’ve been practising Focusing since 2006 and have a Certificate in Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I developed a novel approach to research interviews using Focusing for my PhD. You’ll be able to read about this in my chapter in the forthcoming book Messy Methods: Researching Religion in Practice (OUP). I contributed an influential article on Focusing in nature to Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies (2013). I’m currently developing a training program to teach Focusing in nature and these workshops will be launched in the Autumn of 2014.

I’ve been taking psychedelics since my early 20’s. I joined the Synthesis Institute, which facilitated psychedelic retreats, as Director of Ecopsychology in 2020. I taught on their Psychedelic Practitioner Training and subsequently became a Retreat Facilitator. I’m currently working as a therapist on clinical research into psychedelics with Beckley Psytech.

I’ve presented my work at The Eden Project and have facilitated workshops for Exeter University, The University of the Arts, London, Integration Training, OrganicLea workers’ cooperative and many others. I have trained with several nature connection mentors, including Jon Young, as part of the Nature Culture Network. I have a private practice as a Counselling Psychotherapist in Exeter and specialize in outdoor therapy.